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About Us

Embotelladora La Cascada S.A, is a company with a fully salvadorian capital, founded in 1947 on Santa Ana department.

The main objective of our foundation is dedicating to production, marketing and distribution of soda, being along our history a constant growth and developing source for El Salvador. Nowadays, we have more than 1200 direct jobs setting jobs opportunities for thousands of salvadorians thanks to our customers and suppliers.

We are a national coverage company since we have 10 agencies around the country; at the same time, it creates job vacancies for many families both urban and rural areas.

Our company is also characterized for being a channeler powerful engine in direct and indirect taxes fund for the country's coffers, given the nature of Big Contributors that Ministerio de Hacienda have granted for. An important part of the strategy the company have been holding for along the time is to be distinguished for keeping a solid presence in its brands in the national scope.

The above said have allowed us to reach a high idealization of the products sold. This way we achieve a big identification with the salvadorian folklore, benefiting to traders y consumers by counting with options in high quality beverages at the best prices.


We are manufacturers and distributors of sodas, juices and water and we are committed with excellence in quality and service for our customers, discovering and overcoming market expectations.


To be the leader organization of soft drinks in the first decade of the 21st century, innovating continuously for satisfying the market demands and requirements.

Exporting trades

At present, we export to Nicaragua, Guatemala and EEUU. In Nicaragua we distribute through DIBECA (an affiliated company), that has an owned truck fleet with which gives coverage to more than 15,000 outlets.

In Guatemala it's been trading the products through strategic partners, with whom we have been holding alliances, attaining a constant marketing growth.

In EEUU, by our allies, we are present in Connecticut, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Virginia, California and Maryland.

About our values

The success of Embotelladora la Cascada is defined by the next values:

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Responsibility
  • Diversity

Our relations are based on respect for the person, for the community where we are developing, and for environment.

Quality Control

The quality control is present on each phase of the beverages production process. Equipped laboratories with high tech machines guarantees quality in everything we sell. The microbiology laboratory ensures all facilities, machines and products are 100% microorganism free.